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Get Served By a Competent DUI Attorney

The outcomes of DUI differ according to the number of DUI’s you are dealt with before. For the first time DUI as well as for repeated DUI offenses, you need to get the help of DUI attorney. Often handling DUI by self without the help of an attorney will lead to negative results. The number of DUI checkpoints in Sussex County, Kent County, and New Castle County is being increased leading to higher chances of getting caught in DUI case. The process for the first time offenders also has been made stricter.

After suspected of DUI
Now, when you are suspected of DUI and the police have stopped your vehicle there are few things you need to remember. The foremost thing you need to keep in mind is, you must talk in a polite manner and in a respectful way. Do not accept any sobriety tests, since they are not mandatory. In addition to, do not reveal any information since that also can turn against you. Certain information such as license, registration, and proof of license can be shown. If the officers need to search you or your vehicle, you can prevent them from doing so. There are no rules as such and it will be considered as illegal. If asked to sign the traffic ticket, you can do so. After this, you will be taken to police station where there will be a need for you to perform blood, urine and breathe test. In police station also, you can remain quiet not telling personal details except your name and identification number.

DUI Proceedings
In common, when you are arrested for DUI, there are two proceedings which you need to go through. They are namely,
• Administrative hearing
• Criminal hearing

During the arrest, you will be deprived of driving license and a temporary license will be issued. This license will be applicable only for 15 days. You need to take the step to avoid permanent suspension of your license. Initially, an administrative hearing will take place. During this period of time, the evidence which supports that you where drunken during driving will be issued. You will be given back your license when the police officer does not respond. You need to attend this at Division of Motor Vehicles. This should be attended within fifteen days of your arrest. The next one is a criminal hearing where you will be imposed with penalties such as fines, court cost, jail time, probation, alcohol education classes, and more. To know more, visit ...

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