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Get Rid of Back Pain and Discomfort with This Revolutionary Women Sports Bra Bloom Bras

No more health concerns with Bloom Bras that helps plus size women

San Francisco, 9th January 2018, We are all set to help the women with large chests with this revolutionary sports bra that has been specially designed by Elyse Kaye to help plus size women feel comfortable during workouts and other activities. No more backaches or health problems that arise due to ill-fitting bras. One in every three women experiences breast pain while exercising due to which she chooses to quit the activity, but unlike other sports bra, Blooms bras you will face no pains with hooks digging in or skin-facing abrasion.

It has been designed keeping in mind all sorts of ladies with regular sizes and it lifts not squishes by distributing the burden in a different way. According to Elyse, the designer of Blooms bras, they are DDD sports bras that are designed using high tech materials and do not have harmful underwire. The seams are specially designed by experts from NASA so that the bra expands and contracts along with the body. Main features that help in customizing it according to everybody type are cinching cups and lifting straps. Keep all the health concerns at bay with this curvy sports bra.

Bloom bras are sports bra for larger chests and distribute the entire weight on the back and the sides that allow natural movement of breasts and continuous circulation of body’s systems. The material used is hi-tech with cooling and moisture absorbing power mesh and reinforced zipper in front. The bra has been created to provide comfort as it breathes and is adjustable without being very heavy like armor. When we launched the product, it was sold out within four days and people throughout the world were spreading the word on the internet.

We aim to help women buy sports bras online and feel empowered to exercise and perform various activities with great ease and comfort. Blooms Bra is a combination of technology, fashion, and science along with great innovation. The female population can feel more comfort and great health with this revolutionary product. We are continuously developing the product and in future, we plan to design bras for cancer survivors, post maternity, and pre-maternity. We also plan to design athletic tops, sleep shirts and other products that can change lives of millions of women throughout the world. For more information visit the website

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News Release: Get Rid of Back Pain and Discomfort with This Revolutionary Women Sports Bra Bloom Bras
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