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Get Mister Migs dog gear from Florida-based Wet Nose Boutique

Since its inception in 2007, Wet Nose Boutique has delighted dog and cat owners from the US through finest quality pet products. Among these products, Mister Migs dog gear is quite popular from this Florida-based online store.

Before going into the details about the products, let’s discuss in brief about the brand. Mister Migs is a non-profit company that produces fashionable and functional gear for dogs. This gear is designed using recycled denim.

This brand offers employment and mentoring opportunities to young adults that are facing developmental disabilities, autism, or other barriers that make it difficult to get employment.

Addie Rag Muffin Flower Collar

Whether you are looking collars for your big dogs or puppies, you can consider this collar as an option. The layers of floral printed cotton, along with vintage ribbon, lace, and pinstripes, give a look to this collar. The collar is available in three different sizes and each size is available for only 25 dollars.

Diane Black Tie Walking Harness

The materials like sequin-look faux leather, black denim, black faille lining, and feather boa trim make it one of the must-have products for your dog. The straps, through which the harness is secured, slide through the belt loops. Get this handmade product for only 95 dollars from this online store. You can select from five different sizes.

Denim Bandanas

This bandana fits perfectly to dogs with neck size in the range of 14 inches to 19 inches. Straps on these bandanas can be tied in a knot or bow. You can select from four different shades/finishes, including:

• Medium Blue Denim
• Light Blue Denim
• Dark Blue Denim
• Tie Die Denim

Each finish is available for only 12 dollars.

Tie Dye Leash with bow tie collar

These products are also made from denim, which makes them quite easy to wash. The length of the leash is four inches, whereas the width measure half inch. The width of collar band is also half inch. The price of this set is merely 38 dollars.

To order these products online, visit this link: This online store is offering 20 percent discount on the first purchase. The payment methods include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and various other opti ...

News Release: Get Mister Migs dog gear from Florida-based Wet Nose Boutique
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