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Get Help from Proficient Attorney to File for Sexual Harassment Case

Nowadays, sexual harassment happens at all kinds of places. When you face this type of activity in your workplace, then you need to inform the corresponding authorities of your company. Every company has included the sexual harassment as a punishable one in their norms and condition. The employer is responsible for taking immediate action on this type of complaints. If the company doesn’t bring any solution, then the victim can also file the charge against both the offender and the company. Before filing a case, it is better to consult with an experienced attorney who specialized in sexual harassment cases.

Sexual Harassment Activities

Common situations that consider as a sexual harassment are sexual advances, asking for sexual favors, and inappropriate verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, etc. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) identified two types of sexual harassment at workplace. They are Quid Pro Quo and hostile working place. Quid Pro Quo is known as this for that. If any of the higher authorities demands sexual favors for employment benefits, then it is a legally punishable. Another type is hostile working environment, which makes an employee uncomfortable to do their job due to the employer’s or co-worker misconduct.

Steps Involved in Filing the Case

If you are facing a sexual misconduct in the workplace, then document the event that will be strong evidence to prove the harassment. Consult an attorney and get assistance on raising the complaint against the offender, when the employer is not ready to take action on your complaint. The initial step will be filing a charge of discrimination at corresponding state administration. There is a time limit to file the discrimination that differs in each state. If you want to solve the case under federal law, then the case should be filed at the EEOC within 300 days from the date of you faced the harassment.

Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment attorneys have better knowledge in handling the case, according to the situation. The lawyer will also help you to raise proper complaints to your employer by analyzing the terms and policy of your company. An experienced sexual harassment attorney knows how to use the evidence in an appropriate manner. They also provide aggressive arguments in the courtroom to bring punishments that the perpetrator deserves. For more information about sexual harassment attorney, visit ...

News Release: Get Help from Proficient Attorney to File for Sexual Harassment Case
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