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Genuine news from the Liberty Beacon Project

The liberty beacon project was established as a group of Liberals who joined the GOP to help Ron Paul. We are currently a non-dogmatic group of Liberty-inquisitive Americans who put standards before party. We're especially intrigued by belligerence for freedom to the Left.

Our projected aim
The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) Mission Statement and Project Goal is "THE ERADICATION OF PROGRAMMED IGNORANCE". We are an Independent Media who drive to be proficient by publishing appropriate sites and create media content for podcasts, tele podcasts, video-magazines, websites, web TV and so on. We additionally try to expand access to the plenitude of facilitated elective source media to the liberty movement or to all who wish to be informed and instructed about the American Breaking News as to reality in this atmosphere of political, social, wellbeing and financial turmoil.

One thing we are generally careful of is that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is truly delinquent in its expressed mission to keep the American individuals informed continuously on topics of significance by presenting timely and genuine detailing of World Breaking News as they happen both in this nation and over the globe. So TLB will do this decisively realizing an informed and instructed society can't and won't be enslaved. contains copyrighted material, the utilization of which has not generally been particularly approved by the copyright proprietor. We are making such material accessible to our audience under the arrangements of "fair use" to give a better understanding of political, financial and social issues.

Our wide range of social networks
The Liberty Beacon venture presently comprises of over twelve Facebook pages, about six devoted Facebook groups, around ten global sites with a few more under development, a Twitter channel, a worldwide TLBTV YouTube channel and collaboration with numerous other social networks. Projects as of now in working include setting up a venture to produce more in-house on-line TLBTV programing, the launch of a social networking site for all our project acquaintances, a few ecological and health research projects and considerably more.

TLB has a close relationship with roughly around 500 groups and pages of like minds on Facebook and is associated together with around two dozen free media and Holistic health or wellbeing tyranny sites. We additionally benefit profoundly from commitments and close individual contacts with numerous experts, creators, media faculty and columnists in numerous nations over the globe that give us with on-going data you won’t see or hear on the prevailing pr ...

News Release: Genuine news from the Liberty Beacon Project
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