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Game Changer On Albion Online

First thanks for your complete answer. I think the same as you on how rare it will happen, but fact is, it WILL happen. The bubble at spawn will definitely absorb a part of the issue but won't correct it.
I think the goal of the gates are to bring some fair pvp for small group.What i'm trying to do here is to look at the the hells gates from those ''small groups'' point of view, especially the one that won't be in big guilds/alliances. Those 3 points wouldn't come into effect :
1- Maybe the people who went in are also part of a huge alliance
2- So they send back a Scout first through the hellgate to see if the air is clean (they could, but won't have the power to fight a big group)
3- And if not they call in for help (they can but same as 2)
In the end, it won't be a major factor neither it will be game changer. I think that from the essence of the hells gate, it is important that all their elements are headed toward a fair fight for small groups. We will anyway see what happen in the next alpha and I trust that the worst case scenario mentioned could be the way to go.
thanks again for your answer, i'm always amazed at how you guys do your j ...

News Release: Game Changer On Albion Online
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