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Fund Invest Launches its new website Hexagon Wealth Advisors

Funds Invest, promoted by Hexagon Wealth Advisors, is a reputed Investment Planning Services providing company. Recently, it launched a new website “Hexagon Wealth Advisors” aiming to reach out to a larger customer base.

December 5th , 2017, New Delhi, India- Funds Invest has always been a reputed name in the field of Investment Planning Services. The company offers an integrated platform where potential investors can seek seasoned advice and guidance by investment experts. The advice is rendered as per unique financial needs and investment goals of the investors.

Recently, company launched its new website Hexagon Wealth Advisors amidst much fanfare. The idea behind launching a new website was to increase the reach of the company among potential investors and help them choose best investment options that help them grow their wealth in multiples. The investment planning advisors help people look for suitable short-term or long-term investment plans, compare them with other plans available and choose the one that suits their requirements perfectly well.

The spokesperson of Hexagon Wealth Advisors, the newly launched website reiterated that the reason behind launching a new website was just to penetrate Indian Investment Market and make target customers aware of the presence of high-end Investment Planning and Mutual Fund Advisory Services. He further stated, “Our investment advisors understand their responsibilities and as such stay updated about latest plans and help investors understand their various benefits & features of the plans. We are always available and ready to help people who may have any queries or concerns regarding investment plans and meeting their investment goals."

The new website comes with better features and smooth navigation ability which makes exploring it an excellent experience for the online visitors. We have added more pages that shed light on our extensive range of services available for our clients. Our reputation as one of the leading Financial Investment Advisory Services India has helped us gain the trust of our clients who are very content with our services.

About the Company

Hexagon Wealth Advisors is known in the investment market as a company that not only offers a variety of investment options but also try to ensure that suitable funds are suggested for investment through their seasoned guidance. Many people are skeptical about parking their hard-earned money in financial products about which not much is known, and here, Hexagon Wealth Advisors plays a vital role by spreading awareness about the investment of their savings in Mutual Funds. A team of highly experienced and expert advisors guides people to invest money as per their short term or long term investment goals.

The services provided by the company include Tax Saving Plan, Investment for beginners, Financial aspect of Retirement planning, Child education planning, Wedding planning and also products like Fixed deposits, Life insurance, Health insurance, Mutual funds, along with many other options.

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Hexagon Wealth Advisors
1/14, Double Storey,
Near DAV School, Jungpura Extension,
Jangpura, New Delhi, Delhi 110014.
Phone: 011-24374121, +91 9910911169

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Shikha Sultan
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News Release: Fund Invest Launches its new website Hexagon Wealth Advisors
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