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For Android and iOS devices, India Briefs news app to be launched

New Delhi (March 06, 2018): Startup India Briefs which is based in Bhopal, India is going to launch an innovative India Briefs news app for Android and iPhone. This pioneering news app will give you only authentic news from all over India and abroad with special emphasis on Madhya Pradesh and New Delhi.

In today’s progressive paced world, it is important to be updated on the current happenings and news from your area and the globe. The authentic news app is very important to use due to fake news reports. India Briefs endeavors to address this concern by covering only authentic news on its app.

With India Briefs app, It’s very easy to access news from all over the world on Android and iOS application. The U.S.P. of the app is anyone can be a guest journalist, and report their local happening. By using this app, you can see the news you are interested in using a streaming news feed and alerts sent in real time. It submits imposing wealth of content: international, national and regional news, the latest news programming videos from credible news sources and news-based newsgroups.
India briefs news app enables the user to see recent global and regional information near you in an interface specifically adapted to your screen. Now, discover the general news, the sport, the files, the buzz, the facts, as well as motivational thoughts every day. Enjoy a new reading experience and other advantages with India Briefs.

The CEO of India Briefs, Fahad Siddiqui, said, “We provide authentic news from different sources at one single place in both Hindi and English. Each news item is carefully curated and listed in just 60 words. This saves a lot of time and effort for the user and keeps him or her informed about the latest news happening in India and aboard.”
Fahad Siddiqui is an entrepreneur with over 2 years of experience in Content Writing, Digital Marketing and Political Agendas.

India briefs app contains regional news, international news, thought of the day, jokes and a host of other useful information related to latest trends and happenings.
Fahad says, “A clear and easy to read interface is the highlight of India Briefs New App. We have a special section for news from Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. You can also share your articles and become a guest author with us.”

Some of the main features of the app include
• Real-time alerts
• Continuous important News feeds
• Breaking news, grouped by topics and regions
• Categorized when opening the application or selection in the navigation menu
• Sharing news on social networks, Whatsapp groups and other major platforms

India briefs will propose a wide variety of content local news, magazines, expert advise, humor, discussions on politics only through top trusted news sources of the country. Without geographical limitation, regardless of your place of residence or travel, get access to local and regional news anywhere in India and abroad.

India Briefs news app is scheduled for launch on 15th March 2 ...

News Release: For Android and iOS devices, India Briefs news app to be launched
Submitted on: March 06, 2018 05:54:21 AM
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