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Find The Best Apartments For Rent Near USC From The Experts

One can come to know more about Hubilu Venture Corporation, one of the best publicly traded real estate acquisition companies in Los Angeles. They also specialize in real estate consulting services and one can visit to have a better idea about the company and it varied services on offer for the investors. Apart from that, they are also the best company with better and varied property acquisition and its development in and around Los Angeles area. They have provided their high end services and exceptional customer service to investors with an assurance of upside growth path. They have successfully and categorically followed their mission to become the premier company for real estate consulting and student housing acquisition and development in Southern California.

They have recently launched their real estate acquisition division and within a very short time have been able to prove their mettle. With the formation of such a division their focus on property acquisition has been bigger and better that enabled them to specialize in student housing income properties and other developmental opportunities located near the Metro stations and Los Angeles subway system. They have also executed purchase contract to acquire Zinnia Investments LLC. Acquisitions of such type of properties satisfy both of their target markets. It is within walking distance of USC campus and also closer to the Metro system.

David Behrend, the Chief Executive Officer of Hubilu said, “With the formation of our new real estate acquisition division we expect to create excellent business opportunities. It will help us in acquiring better and more rewarding real assets in all the major urbanization in and around Los Angeles. We believe that we will be able to provide people with properties and investment opportunities that will be recession proof and at the same time have minimal downside risk. We are sure that we will be able to provide high upside potential in equity appreciation and also assure a constant and steady cash flow. We hope to create a new dimension and add a direction to our business with the acquisition division that will be a game changer in our business as well as for our most valued investors."

Hubilu Venture Corporation is the name that is trusted by investors who have an assurance of high returns to their investments, better real estate consultation and advice, current information about real estate market and its upcoming trends to make a better decision and investment and much more. Based in Beverly Hills, California, they are also specialized in student housing income properties and development opportunities. Having properties in the upscale locations like the USC campus area with closer access to the urban transportation expansion sites and Los Angeles Metro and subway system, one cannot ask for better places to invest and have high returns on their investments.

The company has followed their new mission statement to the last word which is Strategic Growth through Smart Ventures. They are highly focused on real estate opportunities that ensure high returns and guaranteed equity appreciation. One can visit anytime for proper advice and guidance for real estate investments. Their determination and dedication, passion and perseverance is unmatched. With their sea of experience and better knowledge about real estate and its nuances one can rest assured that their investment will never go bad.

About the company

Hubilu is the best place to look for better investment opportunities and results. Over the years they have proved to be the best student housing income properties.

Name: Hubilu
Address: 205 S Beverly Dr.
Suite 205
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: 310) 308-7887
Website: http://www.hubilu. ...

News Release: Find The Best Apartments For Rent Near USC From The Experts
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