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Find Fire Safe Ball Valve Manufacturers in India

Mumbai, 6 December, United Valve Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturing and supplying company of Valve catering located in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has spread its service all over the country. They developed wedge Gate Valves, Ball valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, and strainers as the first product manufactured by the company.
Unitek Valve Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in the year 1977 but was incorporated in 2000 as Unitek Valve Pvt. Ltd. and ever since then it has been serving in the field of valve catering to the manufacturing companies of the original equipment as import substance to them. In the year when the company was established Unitek Valves Pvt. Ltd. had over hundreds of employees which rarely happened in the valve industry of India. In the same year, the company expanded its work capacity and doubled its production and started their own export business under the brand name of the company.
Simultaneously, this manufacturing company started their business on a large spectrum and was accredited with dual ISO 9001, API-Q1, API 600, API 6D, and CE Marking. The major products that they manufacture are Steel Valves, Stainless Steel valve, strainers and special valves. This firm has always worked to reach to their customer's satisfaction level and by enhancing their preference to get a one-stop shop, this firm started providing reliable, convenient and customized products in an affordable and reasonable price.
The firm manufactures their products as per standardization of API 607 in single, double, and three-piece design. They also use blowout proof stem and various operations. Unitek Valve Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest Fire Safe Ball Valve Manufacturers in India. They undergo full and reduced port with an antistatic device so that it can reduce its effectiveness.
The ball is allowed to go under pressure to move downward seat that would affect the tight seal. As the Floating Ball Valve Manufacturer in India they preferably use Trunnion mounted ball valves for higher sizes and pressure rating in the floating ball des ...

News Release: Find Fire Safe Ball Valve Manufacturers in India
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