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Exploring Tourism Has Launched Moldova Travel Website

Exploring Tourism has launched Moldova Travel Website. If you are planning a business or family trip to Moldova, please visit
Moldova is a small country in Southeastern Europe bordered by Romania on the west and Ukraine on the north, east, and south. Moldova has a total surface area of 33,843 square kilometers (13,067 square miles). It is landlocked, even though it is very close to the Black Sea. The capital, Chisinau, is situated in the center of the country. Moldova is a large rural country, made up of gently rolling farmland with numerous lakes, small villages, and woodland.
“Lonely Planet” appreciated Moldova as one of the most enigmatic country of the Europe, as well as it is named the first one in the list of the most unexplored countries from the whole world. Which defined us as an ecologically country, where you can find everything absolutely authen ...

News Release: Exploring Tourism Has Launched Moldova Travel Website
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