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Experts Say Corporate Video an Essential Part of Marketing Plan in Today’s Marketing

London, U.K., November 21, 2017—Many businesses have put off incorporating video content into their marketing plan strategy. While more and more businesses are making video content a major part of their business, many businesses have yet to jump on the video marketing band wagon.

Incorporating video into a content marketing strategy is essential since so much of the word spends a majority of their time online. What’s more, before making any major decisions on what to buy and where to buy it, they consult with search engines and more often than not, they will see a liked or shared video from one of their social media contacts or friends.

Another major reason people rely so much on video content is that they are busy with work and life. Modern-day conveniences have allowed us to cut down on time in some ways, but have also allowed us to fill that extra time and space with so many extra-curricular activities. The modern-day consumer is tired and has little time to shop at the mall or even to try and figure out what to buy online, which is where video and image content comes in.

Video marketing allows consumers to get a visual idea, in a short amount of time, of how a product or brand works. Rather than researching and reading; videos, images, and memes add a visual element—almost as if the consumer is shopping at a physical location without actually having to leave the house. A visual marketing plan is a win-win for both consumer and companies because it instantly engages viewers.

Visual marketing is not just the way of the future, it is already here with some reports suggesting that by 2019, all visual content will account for over 80 percent of web traffic. Additional reports also state that social video content receives 1200% more shares over any other type of content on the web and that each day, more than 100 million hours of video are viewed each day on Facebook.

Here’s another startling fact: Right now, companies using video receive 41% more traffic through search results compared to companies that don’t, and Google has stated that “How to” searches are up approximately 70% each year. Reports on every aspect of video content reveal staggering numbers, which means that any business that wants to have any hope of success (or survival) in today’s competitive market absolutely must have a video marketing strategy in place or needs to begin working on as soon as possible as many companies already have a head start and are reaping the benefits of having a visual content plan in place.

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News Release: Experts Say Corporate Video an Essential Part of Marketing Plan in Today’s Marketing
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