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Event Management Company in Kolkata organises an event graced by Bollywood Celebrity Vivek Vaswani

Kajaria Digital recently organised an eventful evening for ICBI (International Chamber of Business and Industry) on the 3rd of March, 2019. The successful event was held at the ITC Sonar Bangla, Kolkata. Such corporate events in Kolkata are regularly designed and executed by Kajaria Digital, one of the established and trustworthy event organisers in Kolkata.

Multi-Talented personnel of interest, Viveck Vaswani, who is a great writer, actor and producer was the main attraction of the whole event. He has been a mentor to the King Khan of Bollywood for a long time. Till date, the Badshah of Bollywood seeks career advice from him. He is the person who had given the first break to Shah Rukh Khan in the industry.

The event started sharply at 4 pm as decided. It was an evening filled with knowledge and wisdom. The interactive session with Viveck Vaswani was genuinely enlightening as many Bollywood aspirants got to know the workings of the industry a bit more clearly. Viveck Vaswani, who is a producer himself, explained the roles in Bollywood. He went ahead and clarified the doubts about being a successful actor or a starlet of Bollywood.

Everyone is mesmerised by the glitz and glam of the industry. Thousands travel to Mumbai with high hopes and thousands of dreams shatter in the same city which never falls asleep. He came as a guide to the aspirants who are willing to leave everything and go to the city of dreams to pursue their dreams.

He went ahead and explained the workings of Bollywood and how money is generated in the industry by selling a blockbuster again and again, over the years. He focused more on acting skills and conducted the whole interactive seminar regarding the same. He also made clear how money can be made from cinema and entertainment in due course.

What made the evening more glorious was the whole set up which was creatively arranged by the experts of Kajaria Digitals. They managed the event from the beginning to the end. The success of the event was reflected from the faces of the audiences who came out after the event.

As one of the most important events organizers in Kolkata Kajaria Digital oversaw the invitation, the setting up of the stage, the microphone and the sound system, the light, entire fabrication and the flex of this particular event and they were well-appreciated by ICBI.

The proprietor, Siddhartha Kajaria has an experience of more than 15 years in the domain. He is a successful self-made entrepreneur who has proven his analytical skills every time in the field. It is under his leadership of Siddhartha Kajaria only that Kajaria Digital has developed into a successful 360-degree creative and event management company in Kolkata.

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News Release: Event Management Company in Kolkata organises an event graced by Bollywood Celebrity Vivek Vaswani
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