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Epic Research Daily Agri Commodity Report Of 24 JANUARY 2017

Commodity News

The government's recent move to permit the tyre industry to import Rubber cup lumps has left Natural Rubber growers worried. Cup lumps are oxidised Rubber, mostly contaminated with dirt and other extraneous material, and their import has been prohibited as a phytosanitary measure by India. The growers alleged that the present move has been mooted by the industry as a means to further reduce domestic rubber prices.Confirming the development, sources in the Rubber Board said that the Centre has constituted a committee to recommend quality standards for Rubber cup lumps.

Tea planters in Darjeeling Himalayan region are expecting high quality first flush during new harvest season which comes after peak winter period, this hope comes from post monsoon and a favorable weather condition during the winter. During peak winter in December- January, Tea plantations undergo major maintenance phase with no plucking of leaves.After this, fresh batch of healthy leaf, known as 'first flush,' starts coming in heavy quantity from mid February to continue till March end.

The Indian Pepper and Spice Traders, Farmers, Producers and Planters Consortium (IPSTPC) has urged government to remove Black Pepper from SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Area) and ISFTA (Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement) import list in order to save domestic growers. In a memorandum to the government, IPSTPC claimed that Sri Lankan Pepper had lost its eligibility for any concession from India ever since its production rose to over 28,000 tonnes, and with Sri Lankan authorities allegedly issuing, wrongly, Certificate of Origin to Vietnamese imported pepper into India via Sri Lanka.

Economic News

Modi apples are here! The popular apple variety from Italy has officially entered India by appointing IG International as its authorised distributor for the country. Even as owners of this patented club variety hope to get a strong footing in India's growing fruit market, the name of the variety has no connection, whatsoever, with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The variety was developed by CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) --a group of specialist plant breeders set up in Italy in 2007-- by crossing the popular Liberty and Gala varieties of apples. According to the company, the variety was named after the artist Amedeo Modigliani, called "Modi" by his friends,who became famous for his female portraits with shiny and bright colours. Tarun Arora, director of IG International, said, "Modi apples are a club variety and it would be the single largest club variety to be imported into India. These apples have already become available at the Star Bazar stores and agricultural markets of metro cities.“

On the eve of a new harvest season, tea planters in Darjeeling Himalayan region are expecting bright first flush output after peak winter time dormant period. Credit goes to overall post monsoon and wintertime favorable weather condition. The hope comes from the fact that including foothills in Terai, Dooars as well as Darjeeling hills have witnessed spell of deep chill this winter with minimum temperature going down much below usual level at many places. "We are expecting favorable output right at the onset of next season as overall monsoon remained more or less in our favour," said K. K. Mintri, veteran planter and Chairman Terai Indian Planters Association. "Beside expected low temperature, we had good Sunshine too during this winter. Proper Sunshine helps bushes to have higher degree of photosynthesis and thus better growth of new buds," said Senior Planter Sujit Seal.

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