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Enjoying the benefits of Earl Grey tea

More and more people are drinking tea because of their wonderful benefits and because of their flavor. Nowadays, there are many varieties available, infusions that will take your senses to another level. Among the most popular choices are Earl Grey tea and green tea. Apart from their amazing taste, they also have many health benefits.

Let’s start with Earl Grey tea and find out why it is so special and appreciated. Its distinctive citrus aroma comes from bergamot orange. People enjoy it as it is or add a splash of milk for more flavor. Of course, loose leaves are better and release more essence when hot water is poured on them. The origin of the tea makes a difference and it is always recommended buying from a trusted seller, one that mentions exactly how tea is obtained and how it is packed. As for health benefits, there are many involved and knowing them will certainly increase your consumption of tea.

Due to high levels of antioxidants, tea is indicated for fighting oral infections and Earl Grey variety is rich in fluoride, protecting teeth from cavities and decay. The citrus flavor in bergamot has aromatherapy qualities, calming effects as well. Once a person drinks tea, their mood is boosted, being able to overcome stress, depression and anxiety. Nothing compares with a hot cup of delicious tea that can change your mood instantly. Many tea varieties help with digestion and Earl Grey is one of them. Consumption of tea helps with issues such as nausea and painful indigestion. Also, the intestines are protected from infections and constipation is prevented.

Both Earl Grey and green tea contain caffeine, making teas energy boosters. Not to mention that both kinds also help with weight loss, improving metabolism rate in the body and burning fats quicker. More to it, each type of tea is rich in antioxidants, fighting free radicals that damage cells and lead to serious diseases, including cancer. Those who want to have better looking skin are strongly encouraged to consume tea, since it is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and assure a glowing skin. You will feel better on the inside and look fabulous on the outside in the same time.

With so many benefits in discussion it is no wonder that tea varieties are so appreciated and so popular. People are starting to realize how beneficial tea is and don’t drink it only when it is cold outside or when they feel sick. Specialized tea shops have a great selection of tea and this means that you will certainly find one that you will love. Enjoying a cup of tea each day will become a delight and a great way to pamper yourself. It is even better when you know where the tea comes from and you choose only high-quality shops that provide all the information on how to prepare and enjoy tea.

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