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Enjoy More Profits by Availing The Real Estate Broker License Florida

All those successful real estate agents who are entrepreneurial can avail real estate broker license Florida to start on their own and earn exponentially. This is because starting your own brokerage means you no longer have to split your income to any other brokerage and can have control on your business including recruitment of new agents setting your commission and transaction fees. The broker of record license surely facilitates you to run your own real estate business model that has made you successful in the industry. However, to avail the license you need to have a qualifying broker of record who can be the key to your success in not only starting your brokerage legally but also guide you on all other aspects to meet with the compliances of the industry. The real estate broker license Florida created by Camila Murata and Jared Dalton who has years of experience in the real estate industry and have successfully closed more than 425 transactions offer their services as your qualifying broker to apply for a real estate company license with the DBPR. They also offer you an insight on all the requirements for you to start a brokerage like a physical address in the state of Florida, obtaining and EIN from the IRS department after forming the company and also a tax ID that is mandatory for your new legal entity and use it for all the transactions.

Once your license is activated by the qualifying broker of record you can start your business operations in the market to earn more than 100% commission broker programs. This is because you don’t have to split the income in terms of paying any commission or transaction fees other than the yearly E&O insurance and a fixed monthly fee of $289 to your qualifying broker of record. You can be creative to name your company and generate a business model for closing transactions successfully in the market. You are also free to appoint new agents through which you can generate more business and earn from their commissions and transaction fees as additional income. It is also possible to start two brokerages with different business plans to capitalize on the residential and commercial real estate opportunities. You can also join the reseller program being offered by the qualifying broker of record Florida where you can refer licensed and entrepreneurial real estate agents to the qualify broker of record and enjoy a 25% fee on the agents business on a monthly or yearly basis.


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Are you a licensed real estate agent and want to have your own brokerage, then hire qualifying broker of record at We provide an opportunity to run your own company to earn more profits and experience to develop your business. To sign the contract and start your own business, please visit at http://floridabrokerofrecord. ...

News Release: Enjoy More Profits by Availing The Real Estate Broker License Florida
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