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Engineers: Designers of modern society

How one does differentiates history from present? One easy way might be looking behind and noticing the number of changes in technology from then till now. How machines have changed the way human functions in the society? A machine as simple and tiny as a zipper or as huge and complicated as a rocket launcher. Machines have changed the way we evolve. Machines are so much engraved in our day to day life, irrespective of our economic and work back ground, that we might well most of the times forget to notice their existence.
So since we have classified the branch of science concerned with design, building and use of machines as engineering, we have a lot of engineers to thank to for making our lives easier.

To look from the perspective of the engineers, before being qualified they are just high school graduates with a little more interest than other in the area of Mathematics and Science and Architecture. The engineering degree is a little different not only because of its longer duration, also because of its practical angle. Without hands-on experience of what has been taught in the theory class, the teachings and knowledge will be nearly impossible to implement in the real world.

The extent to which the skills and skill holders of this profession are required, the need of good training places and equipments arises. Along with that comes the need of good guides to sharpen the students through the process. With list of engineering colleges increasing in size every year, it becomes need of the hour to spot the top engineering college out there, for the fulfillment of the purpose.

A top engineering college is a combination of best equipments and best trained officials to make use of those equipments in an optimized manner. Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering & Technology (JMIT) is one such place with the exact ingredients for future engineers to excel. With its vision “Excellence Through creativity and innovation” it is one of the topmost engineering colleges in Haryana. With most in demand branches in place, and best faculty with updating technology it is certainly a choice for the aspiring minds of the country.
With so much to offer this branch of science is one of the largest job creators. The list of engineering colleges in haryana, with appropriate resources to help the country develop should increase. The process of establishing engineering colleges in haryana therefore should be supervised and monitored, to assure qual ...

News Release: Engineers: Designers of modern society
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