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Empowr Invites Citizens to Become the Next President of Empowr

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESan Diego, CA (November 07, 2017) – Empowr is an online democratic social economy that brings together Tumblr, eBay, and Facebook. The mission of the company is to empower people.Now, the company has invited citizens of the United States to turn out to be the next President. The company says “Empowr needs a new president, and if you think you might be a candidate that can represent Empowr citizens, employees, and success coaches, now it is time to begin thinking about it”.To become eligible for the President position at Empowr, the citizen should first be a Success Coach. To get to this role, citizens should first build a proven track record. They should develop a track record of adding value to the Empowr Community. The company believes only a success coach can achieve this.To become a success coach, a candidate must first reach the Orange Star Power Level. From thereon, he can test his knowledge of Empowr platform by getting through a series of interactive modules. These modules can be completed with ease quickly. On successful completion of the modules, the individual will official becomes a success coach.About Empowr:Empowr is an experiment. Yes, this is an association between tech and academic entrepreneurs that is trying to offer a social media experience that can be accessed by everyone. The great thing about this company is that she is governed by her citizens. The patented platform of the company aims at providing economic opportunities for its citizens and to return 97% of revenues of the company to them.For more information, please visit ...

News Release: Empowr Invites Citizens to Become the Next President of Empowr
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