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Eastman World-Class Inverters Being LaunchedIn India

Electricity is important for our daily life but being eco-energy efficient is more important and this is where Eastman come into the picture with its range of energy efficient solar inverters. So it is important to have anefficient and advanced inverter to storage power in case of power cut. It will provide continuous electricity without any hassle or power cut tension. Eastman has manufactured varied models of grid tie inverters. Eastman grid tie inverters are developed with modular design, enduring grip, and support. It is compact, light-weight and energy efficient. It is 40% lighter compared to industry standards.
Eastman has listed home inverter with battery price on their website.
Eastman inverters are technologically advanced solar devices and can be installed in residential and commercial areas. These inverters are invented and manufactured under the latest applied scientific automation. The design of inverter is compact, lightweight with makes it easier for long-distance transportation. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. It requires ultra-low maintenance. It can work competently in extreme weather condition with maintenance efficiency. Grid tie series assure a recovery of investment within 3-4 years making the most efficient after premium on-grid inverters available today.
The advanced MPPT algorithm gives a peak efficiency of 99.9% and wide MPPT voltage range of 100 to 490Vdc and guarantees maximum power generation in compliance with the IEC standards of safety. It is a best-in-class with competency for optimal performance with no hitches.
Eastman has plant infrastructure and machinery which is equipped with high pressure casting M/C, curing chambers, Cos mold, pasting M/C, casting section and plate parting buffing. All of this machinery and technique are technologically advanced with updated reformation.
Their Grid-Tie PV Inverters has features like the weather–resistant (IP65 Protection), Quick and easy installation, wide operating PV voltage, user-friendly LCD display and peak efficiency upto 98%.
They have a diverse variety of model suitable for home, commercial and other events. it includes ESG1K-7.6KG, ESG3K-8.4KG, ESG5K-15.7KG, ESG10K-35.4KG. Other details and brochures are available on the webs ...

News Release: Eastman World-Class Inverters Being LaunchedIn India
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