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Dynamic Applications releases Startup Product Manager

Dynamic Applications releases Startup Product Manager.

How it works

Startup Product Manager will calculate your produc cost, revenue and net profit over 48 months.

Being part of the Perfect Desire platform, it's capable of calculating basically any Formula System over time, including a Solver Algorithm capable of solving simple Differential Equations.

PM will calculate all Targets, predict and graphically display a company's proceedings over the next 48 months in the reference model. Based on the set of Input Parameters and Formula, the user interface is built automatically by parsing and interpretation of the simulation models's equation system.

SocialMedia Followers leading the path of Development

Accompanying the Release, which went through a beta phase with a few hundred freelance testers, two SocialMedia Competitions have been started. At, a public voting competition allows everyone to suggest, favour, and retweet new simulation ideas.


In parallel to @dynamic_idea, there is a public Roadmap Feature competition at @dynamic_qs, so users can as well prioritize our roadmap. We call it Customer Driven Development.

Since our roadmap is community defined, we try to give every person in the world a fair chance to participate, supposed they can get access to a free Twitter account.

Every month, we work on the top voted @dynamic_qs platform feature, up to the full month.
If time remains, we publish top voted simulation models from @dynamic_idea.

This way, we are Sharing Economy. It's an experiment in Swarm Intelligence. We define Online Democracy in idea and roadmap voting, and develop free Apps to participate from results. Is it possible? - we say yes.

Pay with a tweet.

About Dynamic Applications

Dynamic Applications was founded on January 01, 2016 by Martin Bernhardt. A widely unknown, small inventor.

Dynamic Applications has no flyers, sales consultants, traditional marketing, or budget. Our strategy is called Growth Hacking: we spend as much time as possible on Research and Development of the Software. Following an Agile Development approach, we're working our way all up from the very bottom. We start from crap and make it better, every day.

Dynamic Applications is a community approach.
We pay with a Tweet, and vote for the next big thing to publish.

We are Dynamic Applications. We work to empower people. We are Sharing Economy. Follow us to g ...

News Release: Dynamic Applications releases Startup Product Manager
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