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Duties of guards in security agency

Security guards are hired for safety because nowadays crime and corruption are increasing day by day. Security guards are employed in every place nowadays like commercial places, shopping malls, schools, colleges/universities, shops, residence, etc. You can sleep stress less night because security guards do not sleep the whole night. There are some duties of security guard provider in Kolkata as follows:
• They patrol commercial and industrial premises to detect and prevent signs of intrusion to windows, gates and doors.
• They answer investigation disturbances and alarms.
• Authorize and monitors the departure and entrance of visitors in different premises to safeguard from property damage, presence of the person who are unauthorized, unusual occurrences and theft.
• It is needed to call fire departments and police in emergency case such as presence of unknown people and any other hazards.
• They circulate among employees, patrons, visitors by preserving protecting property with order.
• It is their duty to take telephone calls and messages. They also provide information during non-business hours and answer the questions with closed switchboards.
• They also warn people with rule of violations and infractions by apprehending and evicting violators from premises using different forces whenever necessary.
• Security guards detect and operate screen devices for preventing passage that are restricted on several areas.
• They adjust and inspect equipment, security systems and machinery for operational use ensuring and detecting tampering while formulating evidence.
• They do not allow unknown visitors to go inside the premises. Firstly they check the ID cards and then let entering the visitors in any assumptions.
• It is their work to respond correctly and quickly during crisis.
• Observation and reporting is done with the situation whenever necessary.
• They maintain the order among people.
• Safety tips and warnings are followed by them.
• There are special duties supported by them.
• They must keep law, rules, and regulations and discipline whenever it is needed.
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