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Dr. Richard Zinn- The Pioneer in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Nowadays, people of all ages are very much beauty conscious. This fact is proven by the huge demand for the plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Men and women are very much eager to look beautiful and attractive, which is why they feel the urge to correct the flaws by going under the knife. Well, when it comes to the cosmetic plastic surgeon, the name of the leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Richard Zinn comes first.

Who Is Dr. Richard Zinn?

He is a globally recognized plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has a special interest in cosmetic and breast surgery. As a leading plastic surgeon, his prime concern is to provide the patients with the latest treatments. Richard has wide working experience and extensive knowledge. He qualified as a plastic surgeon in the year of 2013 and it’s been several years since he has been practicing in Melbourne.

Treatments Offered by the Surgeon
The surgeon has gained high acclamation from the patients for treating them in the best possible ways. Here is what he offers the patients,

• Facelift and more for facial beauty
• Breast surgery
• Tummy tuck and liposuction
• Non-surgical procedures and more

1) Facelift

It is quite natural that with aging, the face of the individuals become pale and they will come across the aging signs. To rejuvenate the facial skin, men and women aged above 40 may opt for the facelift surgery in which the surgeon will remove the excess facial skin, smoothen the wrinkles, and redefine the jawline and more. The main purpose is to provide the patients with a youthful appearance.

2) Breast Surgery

It is a dream of every woman to possess well-proportioned and attractive boobs. However, it is not always possible to naturally have flawless breasts. Here comes the requirement of breast surgeries like, breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation and more. All these surgeries are designed to provide the patients with the aesthetically pleasing boobs.

3) Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Tummy tuck aims to rejuvenate the anterior abdominal wall along with its components by removing the excess fat, skin and repairing the rectus abdominal diversification. The patient can have a flatter tummy by going under the knife. On the other hand, liposuction is the operation in which the doctor removes the diet-resistant fat from the areas like, back, breast, arm, and buttock.
Apart from these, there is some non-surgical procedure that the surgeon performs.

Reasons for Choosing Dr. Richard Zinn
The reasons to choose Richard are following,

• Years of experience and extensive knowledge
• Latest treatment options
• High level of personalized care
• Good reputation and amazing record of accomplishment

For all these reasons, the patients feel the urge to visit the surgeon.

Contact Details
Mr. Richard Zinn
Plastic Surgeon
Level 1, 1 Verona Lane,
East Melbourne VIC 3002
(03) 8658 6655
(03) 9021 7328
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