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Spark is one of the oldest sites in the online dating industry. It has been in continuous operation for two decades having been launched in 1997. Its durability and resilience provide some testament to the value and quality of user experience that it has to offer.

Even after all these years, Spark has managed to retain its quality and continues to provide its members excellent results. You need to keep in mind that this platform is solely dedicated to long-term relationships. If you are looking for something casual or short-term, you should look elsewhere.

The number of fake profiles and trolls is very low on Spark. Its developers have constructed a solid layer of protection around the site. Its 20 years of experience has given the effective the experience it needs to successfully fight spammers.

There are some really good reasons Spark has been successful for so long. Spark has an evenly balanced gender ratio among its members. It is as close as one-to-one as is possible. You can also search profiles without having to register. That gives new users ample opportunity to thoroughly scope out the site before joining. This means that those who join will be more inclined to be active on the platform resulting in greater interaction.

Moreover, you can reply to messages without having to upgrade to a premium plan. You can ONLY reply to messages with the free version. That means, if you want to initiate a conversation you will have to pay for the premium package. That will cost you $24.99 per month and it can go down to $11.99 per month if you choose to pay for six months in advance.

In general, the users of Spark are serious-minded people that are actively looking for a long-term relationship. Spark offers you a solid chance to find a compatible partner. While it may not be as exciting as newer dating sites, Spark definitely holds up well. If you are tired of glitzy dating apps, if you long for a platform that is simple and effective without all of the flash, Spark should definitely be your choice. As long as Spark continues focusing on results and security, it will definitely be around for another 20 years. Don't just take my word for it, read some reviews online. Here is an official review you might enjoy and benefit from. 

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