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Discover the Unique Wildlife of Africa with Malawi Self Drive Safari

11 Sep, 2013
New Delhi

Exploring wildlife safari’s and adventure tours are extremely fun. Malawi has got great rich wildlife preserved in order to share it with the world. Lots of people are coming to Malawi to enjoy the beauty of the rich flora and fauna of the Malawian bush. One of the major highlights of our Malawi self drive safari is that it creates a huge awareness regarding the need for wildlife preservation and community involvement with the visitor. The staff share their knowledge regarding all the We will let you understand many phenomenons and issues that our planet and nature is facing. The campaign is really adventurous and fascinating.

The reserve is well protected by the local community people in Africa. You have a great chance to meet them and know about their culture and way of life on our Malawi self drive safari. It is a life time opportunity mainly because of the knowledge and awareness about the nature and wildlife you get. This knowledge cannot be achieved by any internet research or other studies. We will make you experience the conditions and atmosphere in the bush face to face. As it is part of animal conservation projects, there is great peace and significance given to the animals and all other natural resources here.

You do not need to worry about any threats or dangers on the reserve. There are rules that must be adhered to and the staff will provide you with up to date knowledge on the location of animals. There are also sufficient first aid facilities. Along with camping and hiking there are also facilities that will allow you to go inside the bush for better adventures and insight. Other highlights are the bush breakfast and community visits available. Please visit our website for more information:

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News Release: Discover the Unique Wildlife of Africa with Malawi Self Drive Safari
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