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Design Thinking- A Digital Age Necessity

The digital world is developing and changing at a rapid pace. As a result of this, organizations are facing new challenges arising from effects of disruptive technologies, changing economic and political situations, and new consumer preferences.

Digital transformation of organizations is seen from the shifts in their business models, processes and organizational cultures. Digital technologies are adapting to continuously changing customer needs and expectations. In the past, analytical thinking was used to solve problems that clients faced. With the rise of the digital age, the approach to problem solving needs changing as well. This is where design thinking makes a difference. One of the best design colleges in India, Avantika University believes in the power of design thinking and offers courses that focus on the same. Being India's first design centered university, Avantika is driven by the spirit of design thinking.
Design thinking is the path that organizations must take to strive and move forward in this digital age.

Following are few ways to do so:

1)Adopt a basic framework

Design thinking does not necessarily have to remain limited to products and services; it can even be applied to business processes. This is where the change is most required. This reinvention of business processes involves researching current consumer behavior trends, defining the problem that needs solving, ideating to pick the winning idea and executing the idea to ultimately move forward.

2)Build adaptive and flexible organizations

Organizations can successfully navigate and remain resilient through innovation disruptions if they are able to keep up with the dynamic changes in the marketplace. This is possible with the adoption of design thinking, which when permeates through an organization enhances their efficiency and productivity.

3)Discover new technology

The process of design thinking begins with discovery. Understanding the nuances in the shifts seen in customer behavior is the foundation on which digital transformation and design thinking are built. Disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data supply information that makes it possible to kickstart the process of design thinking. Artificial intelligence also makes it possible to take the guesswork out of understanding what customers want and thus makes it easy for brands to align themselves with the values of its customers.

Some of the best design courses in India tailor their syllabus to cover these aspects of design thinking, so that their students can add value to the organizations they are a part of and provide solutions that only a mind trained for design thinking can produce. We at Avantika University maintain design thinking at the core of all our courses and model our students into leaders that enable transformation, innovation, entrepreneurship and growth wherever they ...

News Release: Design Thinking- A Digital Age Necessity
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