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De-Icing your Car’s Windshield

Houston, Texas – December, 2017 – Winter storms present many challenges, and one of the worst ones is to keep your car’s windshield snow and ice free. This is important to maintain good visibility for safe driving. Read on to know how to de-ice your windshield to prevent any damage.
Don’ts While De-Icing Your Windshield

?Pouring boiling liquids on any glass is not a good idea. In case of a windshield, the sudden temperature change can cause it to crack. And if there is pre-existing damage, it can be disastrous to your windshield due to the drastic temperature change.
?Using salt to de-ice the glass is also not a good idea because salt can leave a cloudy residue on the glass. This can hinder your vision. Salt can also damage your windshield wiper edges.
?A metal ice scraper can scratch your windshield, damaging it.
?It would be better to cover the windshield can be slightly effective in preventing ice accumulation on your windshield. But the cover can also freeze tightly to the surface of your car, damaging it when the cover is removed.
Safe Ways to De-Ice Your Windshield
The question is if hot liquids, salt, metal scrapers and covers don’t work, what would be the most effective way to de-ice your car’s windshield. Let’s take a look.

Take Time to Warm Up the Car
The safest way to de-ice your car’s windshield is to ensure you keep enough time to allow your car’s engine and heater to do so. Start your car, wait for a few seconds and then turn the front and rear defrosters on high. Continue till all the ice is melted and the windshield wipers can clear the glass. While this only requires a few moments of your day, it will clear any snow and ice from the windshield, side windows and other glass surfaces of the car for even safer visibility.

Use Only Proper Tools for De-Icing
Buy safe tools which can properly de-ice the windshield and other glass without causing any damage. These can be windshield scrapers with plastic blades or a soft foam snow-removal tool.

If your windshield has been chipped or cracked, get it inspected and repaired by a high quality auto glass service near you.

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