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Data Journalism In India In Todays Time

Data Journalism In India In Todays Time

Thedata journalism india has been the main focus of every news reader. The true picture is one such digital news portal that highlights thedata journalism indiawith genuine facts and figures.TruePicture, wrote an article “Electronics Import Duties: Reform Reversal or Boost to Manufacturing?” on january 18,2018 that addressed the impact on electronic import duties. While some editorials calls the tariff hikes as a partial reversal of the trade reforms begun in 1991, the true picture says that the article appears to demonstrate a more rational and less fact based approach to the question of raised import duties. The true picture brings out real facts and also presents the information in it’s original form irrespective of the negative or the positive views. Also, it raises questions that encourages the public to think in the same lines.

The articles also discusses the wrong notion of today's indian economy news that has been portrayed by ‘The Indian Express’ of how this step may lead to decreased labour-intensive products and less in number of jobs.The true picture article also answers to questions like quality and consumer exploitation, as well as the indian political news that have been raised in other editorials.The fact check based article of truepicture believes that india is as capable as other companies to manufacture quality products and therefore should also go forward for exporting them.
The article gives an overall view about the same and also mentions that The indian political news article seems satisfied with the status of being a big supplier of raw material over the world.

Focusing on the imports, the editorial raises a question that when India represents a huge market amongst these foreign companies,then why don’t these countries manufacture in India itself?. The formed question definitely encourages the indian small scale manufacturers to grow in size and scale. The also states that It will lead to more jobs in the country, while domestic manufacturers will also benefit from the competition and quality standards would only improve.

Media Analysis India:The Conclusion

The true picture article says that “The article seems to be fine with other countries trying to protect their own economic and industrial interests by not shifting their manufacturing bases to India. Yet, it appears to have a problem when the government tries to protect the country’s industrial interest”. Hence showing what the other editorials are wishing to ...

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