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Cori Magnotta - Why Hooping Friends Are The Best Friends

As the old song goes 'A circle is round it has no ends, that's how long you're going to be my friend!' I learned this rhyme as a child and just now learning just how true it is.
When I first attended the FXP Hoop Fitness Instructor Certification class,

I met Nancy who was auditing the class. She was already a hoop fitness instructor and helped me gain the confidence to start my own hoop fitness class and that's how I started 'Hoop With Cori' and the rest is hoop history!
The past 2 years, I have become very close with the amazing hoopers who take my class every week. It has truly become a supportive social experience where we help one another reach our fitness potential.

We're not afraid to be goofy in front of one another and support each other in every endeavor possible from fundraisers to birthday parties to parenthood. This plastic circle that we call a hula hoop has brought the most incredible people into my life. Not bad for what most people think of as merely a children's toy!

If you are local to Portland, CT, come give it a try for yourself! Classes are currently held on Tuesdays at Inner Circle in Portland at 7:00 PM. For more information, please visit
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News Release: Cori Magnotta - Why Hooping Friends Are The Best Friends
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