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COO Story on Swaas Natural Products

We founded swaas with the idea of creating a di?erent way of doing business. Down the line, the company has established new benchmarks for ethical and sustainable corporate behaviour, grounded in the principles of employee ownership, pay equity, environmental responsibility and transparency. At the same time, SWAAS is a recognized pioneer in its category and a successful business enterprise.

Aspirations remain our objective to continue to grow SWAAS, while staying true to the strategies we have previously shared with you. We believe deeply in our business and its model, and will continue to do all that is within our power to drive our business, our social mission, and our global imperatives forward. We have been creating products that are not only e?ective but also designed with environmental and human health in mind while demonstrating that business can have a greater purpose, serving not just income but people and the planet as well. My goal is to help people lead an eco-friendly life and more fulfilled lives.

Within swaas, that’s all about a healthier life. Primarily in my heart, I believe you can’t live a healthy life on a sick planet, so for me the environment is such an incredibly important part of that formula. It’s about unlocking human potential, safe guarding and advancing human health and protecting our precious planet. That’s what really matters to me. Working together we are confident we can have a positive impact on the health of billions of people around the world, truly fulfilling our mission of nurturing the next generations. As we move in to the promising future, this company has a rewarding road ahead of it indeed, but this success cannot and does not depend on any one individual. Instead it springs from the unique synergy that comes when many works together to realise a singular idea. That’s the task before us now, and with your continued help and support, I’m certain we will achieve ...

News Release: COO Story on Swaas Natural Products
Submitted on: February 08, 2019 06:26:01 AM
Submitted by: Tarak Doddala
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