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Considering Bow Hunting

Never bow hunted before but want to give it a try? Here are a few tips that you will want to know beforehand. Don’t worry, it isn’t as difficult to learn as you might think. Not to mention, learning this skill will extend your hunting season so the effort is totally worth it!

First off, you don’t need to spend a fortune on gear. You might even consider buying a second hand compound bow but make sure you have it properly tuned, some cheap arrows & a target for practice. Practice IS important even if you’re an avid firearms hunter.

We found a great link: A beginner’s guide to bow hunting. It includes everything from how to get measured to find the right bow size, the accessories you really want to have, the fundamentals of archery and more.

One great thing about trying something new is that there are so many resources at your fingertips so you don’t need to worry about being talked into things you won’t need as long as you do your research first. Just remember that practice makes perfect and maybe you can buddy up with a friend that’s been bow hunting or learn it together so you can both extend your hunting season.

My final tip is to have fun & stay safe!

Happy Hunting!

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News Release: Considering Bow Hunting
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