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COLLECTIV Academy’s Barbering Program Helps Aspiring Barbers Jumpstart Their Career

The barbershop industry has performed well in 2017, with barbers earning more money than in the previous year. People looking to succeed as a barber can enroll in COLLECTIV Academy’s barbering course.

[Midvale, 01/15/2018] — Barbering is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country today, a Forbes article reported. The National Association of Barber Boards of America estimated the growth of barbershops across the nation at 10 percent. In such trend, barbering schools like COLLECTIV Academy can help aspiring barbers pursue their dreams.

A market research report published in IBISWorld confirmed this, stating that barber shops showed a thriving operation over a five-year period leading to 2017. It outlined three key factors that contributed to the growth of the industry:

• The use of social media platforms that continues to aid the industry
• The role of social media and the Internet in widening the reach of hairstyle trends
• The increasing population, which provided barbershops with a bigger customer base

The report further added that professional barbers were earning more money individually in 2017 than they were five years prior.

Helping Aspiring Barbers Succeed

With the industry’s outlook, individuals who want to become a barber have a good reason to start their career in the industry now. They have the chance to be part of the growth of the barbershop industry as well. They can enroll in COLLECTIV Academy, a barber school serving Midvale and Salt Lake City, Utah. The intensive barbering course offered by the school helps would-be barbers enter the sector and succeed.
People taking up COLLECTIV Academy’s barbering program will study the delicate art of hairstyling. The school’s hands-on course allows students to develop an impeccable taste and sharp eye, articulated in the latest techniques in styling, shaving, and cutting.

Additionally, the barbering course prepares students for success early on in their professional career. They will be under the direct supervision of highly experienced barbers. Moreover, they will obtain constant feedback from their mentors in a supportive and fun environment.

About COLLECTIV Academy

COLLECTIV Academy is a training center for barbers and hairdressers in Midvale, Utah. Its goal is to deliver relevant and excellent education for aspiring barbers and set them up for industry immersion. The school’s skilled staff ensure a positive experience and the best training for students.

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News Release: COLLECTIV Academy’s Barbering Program Helps Aspiring Barbers Jumpstart Their Career
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