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Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive GA1052-55E Women’s Watch

Gold in measured doses:

A lot of people often tend to avoid gold toned watches for a simple reason, which is essentially an overt display of unwanted shininess. But with the Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive GA1052-55E Women’s Watch, you’ll find there’s nothing that’s over- or underdone; it is a measured dose of the gold tone that does all the talking when you want to. At other times, it’s simply there; silent and suggestive of the kind of class that reminds you of the real expensive pieces.

A short description

The Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive GA1052-55E Women’s Watch is crafted from solid, surgical-grade stainless steel, laid upon flawlessly with a PVD plating of gold. At 30mm, it is one of those pieces that give you the freedom to be worn wherever you like it to, without worrying about it matching your attire. Work or pleasure, it has a free access to every possible situation in a sophisticated urban life - also because of the wearing comfort and sturdiness it brings.

The black dial is covered by a scratch resistant mineral crystal set upon an almost invisible, thin bezel, providing a contrast that’s both exclusive and extraordinary. Here, the gold and the black come proportional to each other, resulting in an even balance that grants it an absolutely stunning look. The bracelet is also gold-toned, which brings the Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive GA1052-55E Women’s Watch to an aesthetically well-rounded completion.

The thing that drives it

It is the Citizen Caliber Eco-Drive J015 that stays nested within, but it is light – whether natural or artificial – that gives it the power to run. It is particularly suitable for those who do not like to shoulder the responsibility of changing batteries, which obviously breaks the factory seal and exposes the mechanism inside to the atmosphere, thus trapping in moisture, humidity and other elements of nature, which is enough to reduce its lifespan. The Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive GA1052-55E Women’s Watch doesn’t need its case back to be opened for the same purpose, which results in an indefinitely long life for the watch on a whole. Besides, the Caliber J015 is extremely accurate and will run for months together once fully charged without any need for further light exposure. It is indeed a high-performance engine.

Ending the praise:

Refined, sleek yet sturdy enough to withstand the pressures of a typical urban life, the Citizen Eco-Drive Watches are meant to be worn round the clock. Its clean cut yet largely discreet date window and absence of a seconds-hand makes it an astounding dress piece, while its intriguing, edge-to-edge mineral crystal presents a fashionable point of view that ensures you about its versatility and not just accurate timekeeping.

Bottom line: With a beautifully crafted gold tone body and hands and a jet black dial, the Citizen Corso Eco-Drive Women’s Watch never fails to stun whether inside the office or at a party swinging full t ...

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