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Chiropractor Ormond

Welcome to North Road Chiropractic
Since 1987, North Road Chiropractic patients have benefited from the traditional hands-on, low-force, safe and painless chiropractic techniques at North Road Chiropractic.

Utilizing the best and latest in diagnostic techniques and state of the art equipment sets us apart amongst Oakleigh chiropractors.

Oakleigh‘s First Choice for Natural Healthcare
Helping people with long-standing and chronic conditions is one of our specialties at North Road Chiropractic.

As chiropractor in Oakleigh, Sam Liveriadis explains, “When other doctors have given up and traditional medical tests cannot detect any abnormality, improperly functioning nerves resulting from a poorly functioning spine is often the cause.”

Restoring nerve function by addressing the spine can provide people the relief they’ve been looking for.

Serving Oakleigh, East Bentleigh, Clayton, and Mt Waverley
Dr Sam (chiropractor) continues, “As I have practiced over the years and seen the difference that chiropractic can make in people’s lives, I have become even more passionate about chiropractic.”

Here at North Road Chiropractic we continue our education constantly to ensure that the care we provide our Oakleigh chiropractic patients is the very best.

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