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CEO Restoration announces great plans in 2018

CEO Restoration is a company that offers immediate help for all those people who have to confront with problems like mold, fire, wind or water damage. The company dedicates its activity to serving both residential and local companies, by offering high-quality services. The proof of this fact are the good testimonials of those clients who have already tried the services. Also, there are many positive reviews that can be found online by anyone who prefers doing a small research before hiring someone.

However, the owners of this company claim that in 2018 they are serious about their ambitions when it comes to the improvement of their services. Even if there are many people who say that CEO Restoration is their first option when they search for fire damage Florida, the managers say that they have great plans. One of their strategies implies not only good services, but also kind personnel and modern equipment. The company representatives claim that their staff only uses environmentally responsible products which prove effective. But the ability to work fast is also a great advantage.

CEO Restoration is formed by a well-trained team of experts who promise their clients to respond within 2 hours. They also have the necessary expertise and resources to remedy problems such as smoke damage Florida or water damage. However, there are people who say that the experts always do their research before starting to work. The whole process is based on a few important steps. Upon arrival, the CEO technicians start documenting the loss. Then, they continue with a well-done inspection of the house or the company in order to be prepared.

What is more, those who search for services such as water damage restoration Florida should know that regardless the situation, the restoration process is always up to date with the legislation. A good example, in this case, is the IICRC certification.

Another interesting fact when it comes to this company is that it includes a great referral program which is based on a win-win strategy. The program has proved a great success in the last year and it will be also kept in 2018. The rules of the referral program are quite simple: all those who refer a friend, a workmate, a neighbor or a colleague can benefit from a $30 ticket which can be used for the company's services. But this is not all. The friend who receives the recommendation also gets a ticket with the same value which can be used for the same purpose.

The whole strategy is based on the company's principle which says that there is no better advertisement than the customers' opinions and recommendations. Thus, all those who know someone who is searching for maid service in Florida such take into consideration this opportunity of saving some money. But this is not all. The company is proud to announce that their number of loyal clients is continuosly growing, year after year.

Last but not least, all those people who want to know more about CEO Restoration and water damage restoration Florida should visit the company website: or use the contact details from below.

Contact Name: Rod Ogliari
Company name: CEO Restoration
Exact Address: 503 First Cape Coral Drive, Winter Garden, FL 34787
Phone no: (407) 584-7779
Email address: red_ogliari@yahoo ...

News Release: CEO Restoration announces great plans in 2018
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