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Celebrity Ink™: Fulfil Your Desire of Getting Attractive Tattoos

Although some people are still sceptical, tattooing has managed to acquire widespread recognition all across the world. A large number of individuals get inked to adorn their body parts, express their suppressed feelings or for paying a tribute to their loved one. Regardless of the purpose, this procedure if performed with utmost caution can rejuvenate one’s appearance altogether. While there are many tattoo studios that claim to provide amazing services, the best among the lot is Celebrity Ink™ located in Phuket. The professionals working here are extremely competent and experienced, who can generate outcomes as per the needs and convenience of modern-day consumers.

A Note on Celebrity Ink™

Celebrity Ink™ tattoo studio specialises in delivering customised body arts and that too at an affordable price. The talented team of artists carries out every project with utmost dedication by adhering to the well-defined protocols. The shop has won a number of accolades since its inception and is considered the sixth best tattoo studio in the world, all of which substantiates for its credible reputation.

Services Offered

Celebrity Ink™ is known for providing a wide range of quality services that has the capability to win hearts of one and all. Some of their creative works are as follows:

• Sleeve tattoos
• Small tattoos
• Colour tattoos
• Black tattoos
• Portrait tattoos
• Tribal and Text tattoos
• Mandala tattoos
• Sakyant tattoos
• Water colour tattoos
• Cover-up tattoos

After Care Tips

Just like a surgeon provides certain post-operative measures once a surgery is done, a tattoo artist would acquaint his or her clients with certain essential tips, which are to be kept in mind after the procedure is completed. Some of those suggestions offered by the professionals of Celebrity Ink™ are as follows:

• One is recommended to remove the plastic cover after an hour or so and then thoroughly wash the tattoo with water.

• There is no need to cover the tattoo once the plastic is peeled off.

• While one can take a shower, he or she is advised not to take a dip in the swimming pool or bathtub until the wound is completely healed.

• Apply a small amount of medicated balm to soothe the tattooed area and alleviate chances of infection.

• Tattoos would flake, scab, and itch once they start healing. To assure speedy recovery, it would be better if one controls his or her urge to scratch the area.

• Do not venture outdoors in the sun as ultraviolet rays can damage the look of the design by fading the ink.

Why Choose Celebrity Ink™?

While there are many studios readily available, most of the people opt for Celebrity Ink™ because it prioritises its clients over everything else. The artists here are exceptionally talented and have profound knowledge about the concerned domain. They adhere to the internationally accepted hygiene standards and are capable of using all advanced equipment associated with tattooing. In addition, the studio offers variety of options when it comes to designs and all of them could be tailored to fit individual preferen ...

News Release: Celebrity Ink™: Fulfil Your Desire of Getting Attractive Tattoos
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