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Celebrities like Salman Khan, MS Dhoni, Sunny Leone, Lisa Haydon and Shweta Tiwari - set trends for using baby mobility products among Indian parents

Parental care is an essential part of human nature. Parents, regardless of the level of wealth, always want to give the best to their children. Baby mobility products allow parents and caregivers ease of mobility while travelling or during household chores. These products give relaxing arms to mother's and helps them in gaining much needed rest post delivery. Equipments like carriers help them in getting back to normal routine, as modern Indian women's do not want child to be restricting their movements or work. Strollers and prams make life much easier and parents do not feel bogged down by the baby being attached to them 24*7. Child car seats are relatively a new phenomenon in India. Since a baby has no way of exercising self restraint, it’s at a greater risk of being hurtled around the car. Using a child car seat helps to overcome these risks and Indian parents have now started to understand this. On the other hand, baby walkers help babies to learn walking gradually. Baby carrycots are useful where strollers and prams are not appropriate like in crowded places.
According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Baby Mobility Equipment Market Outlook, 2022”, baby mobility equipment market is expected to cross a mark of Rs. 1000 crore in the year 2019-20, registering double digit growth in India. Though, 70% of the country's population lives in rural areas, the market is still dominated by urban cities. Urban parents usually have knowledge about gearing products and needful baby safety products. Their higher purchasing power makes them a prominent customer to baby mobility equipment manufacturers. In the report, urban cities have been divided into four major clusters: Top 10 cities, 11-70 cities, 71-200 cities and others. Top 10 cities and 11-70 cities together contribute more than 60% to the sales volumes as they have more number of higher income educated parents, thus making it a key marketplace for players.
Indian people - whether girl or boy, man or women, old or young, single or married - are extremely fond of Bollywood celebrities. They try to follow these celebrities on everything - whether it's about their dressing style, hairstyle, shoes or products they use. Also, knowing about their lifestyle has become very easy in this social media age. Whenever these stars step out of their home, hundreds of cameras follow them and these pictures immediately go viral on all social media platforms. With the post 2010 boom in Bollywood websites and the coverage of film personalities in the newspapers, candid shots as well as video clips of stars sighted at airport terminals, movie previews, gymnasium sessions, en route to parties in their lavish cars, etc. have become regular.
Apart from all this, one trend that has really gone viral in the last two to three years is about capturing celebrity children's, especially infants. As many as 10,000 publications and websites in various languages use these pictures, along with general public on social media. These star babies are usually being captured in some or the other mobility equipments, which in turn has made this product category more famous with all the necessary attention. Salman khan was once seen carrying his nephew Ahil in a carrier; Mahendra Singh Dhoni was carrying her daughter Ziva, Lisa Haydon with his infant Zack, Sunny Leone with daughter Nisha and latest Shweta Tiwari was seen carrying her child Reyansh in carriers and sling pouches. All of these celebrity pictures go viral on the internet and the much informed urban parents try to replicate the same for their babies. There are numbers of brands selling baby mobility equipments in India, whether organized or unorganized, domestic or international. Some popular brands include names like Mee Mee, Babyhug, Graco, Chicco, Sunbaby, R for Rabbit, Hauck, Jane, 1st step, Fisher Price, Tiffy & Toffee, Anmol etc.
Major companies operating in the baby mobility equipment market of India are Aardee Specials (Huack), Adorro India (Jane), Artsana India Private Limited (Chicoo), BrainBees Solutions Private Limited (FirstCry), Me N Moms Private Limited (Mee Mee), R For Rabbit Baby Products Private Limited and Ral Consumer Products Limited (Tiffy and Toffee).
Report: India Baby Mobility Equipment Market Outlook, 2022
Base Year: 2016-17
Estimated Year: 2017-18, Forecast Year: 2021-22
Pages: 96, Figures: 44, Tables: 18

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News Release: Celebrities like Salman Khan, MS Dhoni, Sunny Leone, Lisa Haydon and Shweta Tiwari - set trends for using baby mobility products among Indian parents
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