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Celebrations: Reasons and Destination

Some days I just want to celebrate. There can be any reason. I do not feel like waiting for an occasion. I want my family and friends gathered around me, talking about good old days. Have some good food and music, and share a lot of stories and love. And of course I want the ambience to compliment my mood. Earlier most of the plans remained un-executed as party venues in Delhi are hard to find at last moment. But thanks to the search engines and web technology for making the struggle fruitful.
One search for best banquet halls in Delhi (or whichever city you are in) and you will find yourself a decent venue to celebrate your day. Being a part of the cultural activity coordination team at my project, I have helped organize several, big and small parties at several party venues in Delhi. But my absolute favorite is Pearl Grand Banquet Halls. They have halls suitable to adjust a range of numbers. Be it a team dinner, or a project party, they have both mouthwatering menu and suitable ambience. They cater to your requirements and can customize for a large range of requests.
I recently was invited to an old friend’s marriage ceremony. Fortunately the party venue was near Delhi, in Koushambi. While getting ready for the big bash following evening, something caught my eyes. A beautiful pamphlet. When I could not resist I asked my friend for the details. She told this is the food menu at Pearl Grand, Koushambi for the evening. I was startled by the platter and its contents. Since I have already visited the banquet chain I had already experienced the magic of Pearl Grand Banquets. Needless to say, now I had two reasons to look forward to the marriage.
The moment we entered the place, we felt we are in a palace. I am not exaggerating, even a bit. The lights, the sitting, the decoration was perfect. It was in sync with the recent trends and also satisfied the custom requests of the consumer. Once the trio of music, dance and food was together, the party could not be held any further. All the amenities were made available on time, without having to ask for. The music was changed according to dance and Mandap activities. All together we experienced joy without struggling for it. It was an experience one would like to go through again.
The place at the same time feels to be surreal and home. There should be more such party venues in De ...

News Release: Celebrations: Reasons and Destination
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