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CASINOSVR Games Now Available on Samsung Gear VR2 Headsets

CasinosVR now supports the newly launched Samsung Gear VR2 for a captivating high resolution virtual reality gaming experience, like never before. You can now access all your favorite CasinosVR slots, blackjack, roulette and poker rooms, on your Samsung Gear VR and VR2 headsets via supported Samsung mobile phones.

Experience amazingly natural environment, lifelike vivid images with high pixel density and immersive world of 360 degree surround cinema viewing, and you can also share this live with your friends on Facebook360. All this and a host of other features are going to take Virtual Reality casinos to the next level.

Best Benefits to Look out for

Built on Oculus mobile VR platform and engineered with Samsung’s patented HMD display system, Samsung VR R320 was introduced in the market in December 2014. The second edition, Samsung Gear VR2 headsets came to the market with the model R321 first launched in 2015. This was followed by the updated versions, R322, R323, launched in 2016, R324 in March 2017 and finally, the R325 in September 2017.

Among the featured benefits, the new updated version of Gear VR2 is a star performer when it comes to clarified visuals, thanking its high resolution 96° FOV viewing optics that empowers its focal feature of “360 degree surround camera view” compensated with sophisticated head and face tracking features that move the picture as you move your head. It makes you completely immerse into the world of the game environment, you’d feel you are actually there.

Thanks to its lower level of latency, integrated cooling fan that prevents your lens from fogging, it is least likely to strain your eyes even after hours of gaming. However, the resolutions will vary, depending on the display resolution of the mobile device you are using. This gear works best with Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and other Samsung devices with similar pixel resolutions. Moreover, you will be able to share your experience on Facebook 360 to let your friends know about your experience.
The device is comfortable to wear for all its users, with the smart engineering which spreads it’s all over the head.
It is simple to charge using an external charger, via its micro USB slot. You can use this charger on your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone as well.

Supported Devices

The Samsung VR2 is specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge mobile devices. This device will be compatible with other Samsung models: Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge and the newly launched Galaxy S8 and S8+, and Galaxy Note 8. You will be able to connect this to your Samsung Gamepads and Android Gaming Controllers.

Ever since the announcement of its launch, our development team has been putting their best efforts, so to include this amazing Oculus powered mobile VR headgear in our supported list of devices. We are happy to get it done now and finally offer our users the best gaming experience of their time— Samsung Gear VR2 is definitely going to be the best choice to play VR casino games at CasinosVR webs ...

News Release: CASINOSVR Games Now Available on Samsung Gear VR2 Headsets
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