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Calle Ocho News Is Disrupting Miami Herald Advertising

For decades, when it came to reaching consumers in South Florida brands had to exclusively deal Miami Herald advertising. With the coming of the Internet boom and its influence in media, brands are able to use various publications and media outlets to engage with their target market. Established in 1998 Calle Ocho News ( is a multimedia platform that allows brands to better reach their Hispanic target market. In addition to keeping their audience engaged with wonderful insight about South Florida, Calle Ocho News reach also has special advertising packages and is the preferred newspaper for Hispanic Marketing.

In keeping in touch with the various ways readers obtain their information, Calle Ocho News can be found in local supermarkets, law offices, courthouses, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, theaters, bakeries, elderly housing facilities, insurance agencies, Laundromats, banks, medical offices, coffee shops, and other locations as well.

Local government leaders and businesses are investing billions into the local economy. Consumers and foreign travelers are also spending billions of dollars in South Florida. Those projections make it a perfect time for brands to advertise and engage with consumers. Calle Ocho News is the right platform brands can use to fully capitalize on their advertising doll ...

News Release: Calle Ocho News Is Disrupting Miami Herald Advertising
Submitted on: February 26, 2018 06:26:35 PM
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