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Cafeteria Management at Hostels

Problem of Unauthorized Student Access to Cafeteria

The hostel of XYZ College encountered a problem with respect to non-resident students joining the hostel students during lunch break. These students had unpaid lunch.

Solution 1:
Implementing an Access Control solution at the cafeteria entrance can prove quite helpful. Each student will only be allowed entrance after punching on the device. In this manner, local students can be segregated and stopped from entering the cafeteria premises.

Solution 2:
We can integrate third party printer with an Access Control solution that prints a coupon on a valid punch. The student will be required to show the coupon at the counter to the respective authority and only then will he/she be allowed to proceed. Furthermore, in order to exercise control on proxy punching, the number of punches at a time can be limited.

Solution 3:
We can have a monitor screen at the cafeteria displaying the student photo at every valid punch after which the student is allowed to move forward. This way, unauthorized users entering the cafeteria can be identified.

Problem of Food Wastage
Food wastage was a major problem for the hostel at ABC College. The number of students eating at the hostel mess varied from day to day, resulting in wastage of food.

? Place a biometric device at the hostel reception.
? Students will be required to punch at the device within a pre-determined range of time defined in the device.
? At the end of the pre-determined time range, the device will send the punches as headcount to the cafeteria through the scheduler service.
? The cafeteria head will know how much to cook, thus addressing the problem of food wastage effectively.

Problem of Paid but Unauthorized User Access at Cafeteria
The hostel at PQR College used to provide tokens in exchange of cash at the cafeteria. However, they encountered a problem of food shortage since many times non-resident students would also have their meal in the cafeteria.

Installing a biometric device at the cafeteria would allow entry to only those students enrolled at the hostel. Integrating a printer with the device would then print a token when a resident student punches at the device, allowing him/her to have the meal.
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News Release: Cafeteria Management at Hostels
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