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Best sports bar in Cork - Soho

If you want to catch a game there is not a better place than the Soho, especially if the game is showing on the Big Screen in the back of the bar with the 'fan's terrace' seating. There's always a good atmosphere and also good food. The bar offers a wide range of beers on tap and in bottles. Soho offers good bar food at reasonable prices, and I have found the waiting staff to be excellent.
There is something magic about having a lazy Saturday of rugby too. You were a secret love affair with the upstairs nook in Soho. In there you will find an amazing couch that a group of 8 can easily chill out on. There is a screen just for you up there too. So if you want to avoid lots of chatty rugby fans maybe that could be your big escape. Also the menu in there is amazing, perfect for sharing. During last years fantasy rugby league this was our favourite spot allowing us to check our teams and chat without bugging people.

Now, the bar is downstairs but we all took turns making runs down to the bar to ensure You weren’t missing the game. With the toilets around the corner no one but your group will be bothered by your up and down during the match.
When walking around the beautiful city of cork you notice that there are a few "Flanagans" around who managed to make their dreams come true. So why not come for a walk with us and check out these cocktail bars where bartenders fulfill the greatest need in our society: getting and keeping us drunk with the best cocktails in town.
There aren't many better ways to round out an evening than sitting on its lovely outdoor terrace with a drink in hand, enjoying the fantastic view of the magnificent structure and brilliant lights of cork as the sun sets and people stroll passing your table. The DJ plays cool music and cheeky food and cocktails are served making MINI so unique. Indulge in your favorite cocktail at this buzzing place and enjoy the view.
The dark and cozy bar is decorated with classic and vintage film posters with a long bar counter and leather director chairs. It's a popular and stylish hangout among a hip yuppie crowd and expats too. Most of the friendly staff have been working here since the opening, also contributes to the constant quality. And that's what makes people return again and again.
The cocktails on the menu are a dramatic mix of tradition and innovation. Nothing less than exclusive vintages and limited edition champagnes, spirits and liqueurs are used, while the bartending staff is famed to be among the best in the UK.
We are your Number #1 Sports Bar in Cork City !! ..Serving the Best of Food and Drink in a totally relaxed atmosphere. Good Atmosphere & Great Food and Drinks. Doing everything possible to make your visit a memorable one in our beautiful Cork c ...

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