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A Hallmark for Vegetarian Dining.

Saravanabhavan is a unique unconventional restaurant of its kind that attracts diners from all walks of life.

Our principal motive is service and not profit.
that was not established as a business venture competing with others to make profit in a stipulated time.

We run largely by volunteer staff who joyfully serve in an assortment of restaurant activities;
From cooking, serving, setting & clearing tables, dish washing, taking orders, transporting etc. They do not “work” for “shift hours” just to make a living. They volunteer and dedicate their time because they find joy in the underlying philosophy of serve, love and give. There is no hierarchical organization structure with policies and strategies to make profit. No reporting to supervisor. It is an example of a group of like-minded hearts coming together to serve.

Named after the ancient sacred Hindu scriptures, we are invites you to experience the ambiance and cuisine of the royals from our two prominent restaurants in Singaporei. We offer you food from every corner of the vast Indian subcontinent prepared expertly by our team of master chefs from India. An extensive wine selection and full bar are available to go with our exclusive food.
At saravanabhavan Vegetarian Restaurant, diners are in for a treat with enticing vegetarian food.
We provide restaurant quality, vegetarian cuisines for buffets, wedding receptions, banquets and birthdays to complement your celebration moments with delicious food!

The restaurant presents a new menu all designed to reflect an ethos of innovation and creativity in one of the most stunning dining rooms in The City.

If you have a special occasion coming up and you’d like to host a party or function get in touch and we will arrange a service tailored to your needs.

As an extension of our mission, on a higher threshold, we are continuously walking an extra mile. We don't stop at being a Quality Restaurant Chain. We make a special effort to Bond with the community providing authentic south Indian dishes with professional Indian chefs.
We are a casual contemporary Indian fusion restaurant, Featuring traditional south Indian dishes. has an incredible reputation that extends to India. We present Authentic Indian dishes in Singapore.
Saravana’s provide a great ambience, U can feel relaxed, watching your favorite channel with your favorite dishes.

Now, one need not come all the way to our hotels to enjoy a delicious Food; you can now enjoy it at the comfort of your home. Just place your order over the phone and we will deliver it to your doorstep in a short while taking necessary steps during packaging and transport to retain the freshness of the food. If you are feeling sick, if you are feeling too tired, if you are busy with work and want some tasty food which is also hygienic, just call and order, packed to retain freshness and the delicious taste, if you are living away from home, quick delivery, efficient, reach any nook or corner of Singapore.
Business Hours
(9.A.M. to 11.30 P.M (Sunday -Thursday)

9.A.M. to 12 mid night (Friday, Saturday)
& Public Holiday
Reach Us By Email Mustafa Center (Exit 5) Singapore - 207663
+65 629 707 70 ...

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