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Best Restaurant in Singapore

The veeras curry is known for best quality foods, located at Singapore. we specialize in vegetarian, non vegetarian, south indian cuisine, fast foods, deserts and starters.

Professional Staff
Our up skilled Chefs have set a benchmark for the recipe prepared. To satisfy our customers is what they aspire
Flavoursome Food
We have incomparable, delicious and authentic dishes to make your experience a sensational journey for your taste buds.

every citizen of the world by providing hygienic & mouth watering food. Our vision captures the essence of who we are. Everything we do flows from our vision. We just don't happen to be a business that sells food – it's what we're all about. Our vision is about meeting consumers' needs and making food an easier, healthier, more enjoyable part of life.

Our vision tells the world – our employees, partners, customers, consumers and the communities where we make and sell our products – what we care about. It captures the importance of health and wellness, but it also embodies all the ways we can eat and live better, such as the enjoyment of a mughlai food, the safety and value of our products and the services and solutions we provide.

One of Singapore's leading non-vegetarian restaurants, Veeras curry firmly believes in the rejuvenating powers of this incredibly healthy lifestyle, while still pandering to the senses. Our carefully curated menu tantalises the palate with its amazing variety of Indian cuisine from all across the sub-continent. Veeras curry skilled chefs are able to accommodate almost any dietary restriction or food allergy without sacrificing taste or quality.
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Add:#1 Hindoo Road,
Singapore - 209105

Tel: 63980463 ...

News Release: Best Restaurant in Singapore
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