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Chettinadu which is located in the southern part of India,Chettinad cuisine is one of the rare spiciest and the most aromatic foods in India.
Chettinadu indian cuisine in here we follow each and every step it should be used to craft the dish.
we import the most exotic and flavorful spices to create authentic Indian dishes. A dining experience you will not soon forget awaits you at Chettinadu Indian Cuisine.

Enjoy the same mouth watering delicious taste that you have come to expect at our restaurant, now at your place. Go ahead and throw that party that you have always wanted to have, now without worrying about how to feed your guests.
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We offer full range of catering services to large wedding events over multiple days. We will send expert chefs well versed in traditional recipes to meet your every need.
We have experience serving large gatherings during Entertainment Events and special festival occasions. Contact us to take care of your special event needs.
Contact us ahead for Parties of 16 or larger to organize your celebration. We offer Set Menu Packages that will take away the hassle of ordering after you arrive and make your celebration memorable.
Naturally Delicious
Chettinad South Indian Cuisine is more than a restaurants dedicated to quality food and exemplary service. We are a group of individuals committed to the common goal of making fond memories for our guests and ourselves, elevating the standards and expectations of the restaurant industry and developing a secure and ideal work environment.
Work toward achieving greatness, but maintain humility.
Use our best judgment; perform our work selflessly, honestly and caringly.
Show respect for our peers, our supervisors, our industry and our guests.
Recognize and embrace the responsibility we have to our peers, our supervisors, our critics, our industry and ourselves to uphold the success we have achie ...

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