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Best Child Support Attorney in Texas

Are you going through a divorce and looking for the best child support attorney in Texas? Fret not. Visit for the best service available in the town.

Divorces are tough. And the turmoil that goes through the child involved is beyond explanation. Therefore, a good lawyer service is highly recommended to turn this process into the smoothest possible way. Often the parents get confused about what exactly is the matter and procedure of the child support, and thus finding the child support attorney in Texas is very important. Baylor Family Law delivers all possible service regarding the divorce and child support, and here is a glimpse to help you with what exactly we help you with.

• The parent that does not choose to be the child’s primary family pays the child's support in Texas. Therefore, the parent in whose house the child lives is the parent who receives the money. This support amount differs based on a number of matters, like the total number of children, the salary of the parent who is liable for paying, etc. If the child is not proved to be disabled by the court, the payee parent needs to pay until the child turns eighteen or graduates. If the child is proved to be disabled, this child support may be ordered to continue for lifelong.

• Though the support amount is fixed at the start of the custody the law of Texas allows modifying the allowance throughout the child’s life as per the need of the child. It supports the parent in case of accidents like losing the job or reduced income or facing any injury or disability. It also ensures the child’s right to receive more allowance in case the paying parent gets a better job.

Therefore, it is certainly not a piece of cake but if you work with the best divorce attorney in Parker Country TX, your burden will be much easier to carry.

So, visit us at and book your date as soon as possible, or call or email us for any further enquiry.

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