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Best Auto Clicker For Mac


Contact: Stefan Ivan @ Xypher Software

Phone: +40 761 290 027


[Autoclicker for Mac]

For your everyday gaming needs

Xypher Software SRL has launched it's first app, Autoclicker for Mac.

Auto Clicker Mac appears to meet a need for Mac OS users, which are often neglected.

The need for a double click, single click or multiple clicks repeatedly, appears to serve to everyone's

need not to waste time, or not to sit too much in front of the computer. There is no question about

advanced settings either.

In the last few years clicker games have caught the eye of the public and passive gaming became a trend. Nowadays there are many clicker games that can give you that sweet release when you're taking a pause at work or just idly checking your background apps. The idea behind a clicker game is that you're able to play it in background without investing your active time, ergo the term „passive-gaming”.

With Auto Clicker Mac your progress in a clicker game can be accelerated and that sweet upgrade you've been waiting for 24 hours can be made available much more quickly.

There are of course many other various things you can do with an auto clicker and it all depends on your imagination to experiment and play with those time intervals. The time interval option is one of the most requested option on the market because the market is neglected by coders, and this simple option has not been implemented by any developers out there.

Xypher Software seeks to fill a demand to a neglected market user base. That's how Autoclicker for Mac came to fruition. To meet the need of an evergrowing market that does not get it's needs satisfied.

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Xypher Software is a Private SRL

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Stefan Ivan at +40761 290 027, or email autoclickermac@gmail ...

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