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Beniouarainoutlet - A place where you can easily buy Vintage Marokkaanse tapijten

Marokkaanse tapijten te koop is embedded in the Mediterranean style decoration but with an ethnic character, the Moroccan decoration is very topical and more and more interior designers are incorporating it into their designs, mixing it with objects or more contemporary furniture, to give an exotic touch to their spaces.

If you want to join the trend to get a more vibrant and racial space to your home or office, you should not miss buying Beni Ouarain kopen from

A Moroccan carpet:

There are many types of Marokkaanse Azilal-tapijten, from the colorful woven with a variety of materials, the minimalist Beni Ouarain kopen, the geometric and colorful Azilal tapijt or the Berber Kilims of intense and vibrant colors.

Whichever type you choose, a Moroccan rug will help you create a warm and cozy space under your feet.

One of the details to take into account is that Berbers do not make carpets more than 2m long, while cooperatives make them 4, because the quality of the wool and the work with the machine allows offering more quantity than quality.

Apart from the carpets, the Berbers also make kilims, but in Morocco, they call them Hanbal. The kilim is thinner than the carpet and normally, the Berbers use wool for the base and cotton for the embroidery. Also, they dare with blankets for sofas, very complicated ponchos to make or carpets with old clothes.

The colors are achieved with natural dyes:

To obtain these colors, wool or cotton is first dyed with herbs or natural plants such as saffron, henna, or coclico flower to give some examples.

If you are visiting Morocco, it is understood that when the price is not very high, it is always nice to bring some memory of the trips and, above all, typical items from that place. Although, the danger of buying on a trip is that if then, upon returning home, you detect a fault, a problem in the carpet, you do not have the ability to return or claim.

That is why offers guarantees: We have very selected carpets, avoiding as much as possible the pieces with many defects, typical of artisan rugs. We have many years of business experience in selling Boujaad tapijt.

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