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Benefits of Nano Magnesium Oxide

Both of magnesium oxide and nano magnesium oxide can be used in rubber, feed, sunblock cosmetics and other products. Nano magnesium oxide is the all-round upgrade of magnesium oxide. After the upgrading, the product is improved a lot. Everyone knows that there are three aspects to measure magnesium oxide quality: 1. High specific surface area; 2. Small particle size; 3. High activity.

As a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier, Meishen tells you, in the rubber field, especially in the production of radial tire and transparent rubber products, magnesium oxide is the excellent vulcanizing activator. Large specific surface area and strong activity can significantly enhance the products’ heat-conducting property, wear-resisting property, tearing resistance, smooth and other specifications. What’s more, if used high quality nano magnesium oxide, the dosage can be saved for 30% to 50%. It reduces product cost a lot. For the auto tyre industry, there is no doubt that the high quality nano magnesium oxide is a better choice.

It is necessary for the sunblock cosmetics to magnesium oxide. For the sunscreen, the most important is to prevent damage to skins from ultraviolet ray. The sunscreen strength of it is closely related to the grain size of magnesium oxide. The smaller grain size of material, UV radiation is better. At the same time, if the grain size is too big, it would unable to divide equally and too white. It is fatal for cosmetics. So, you should choose higher quality magnesium oxide supplier and nano magnesium ox ...

News Release: Benefits of Nano Magnesium Oxide
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