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ASTI Offers Online CPR AED Certification Classes to Make a Difference

A family member, co-worker, or associate has collapsed on the floor. You’ve got a few seconds to respond. It’s highly suggested that you should prepare yourself for an emergency situation. You can do it by enrolling in CPR & AED certification classes at ASTI. Every year over 382,000 Americans suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. The victims may include athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others in apparent good health. According to the statistics, one among 20 heart-related emergencies will survive. With proper CPR and AED certification online, you can make a great difference for those near you with proper training.

The American Safety Training Institute offers nationally-accepted certification course in CPR, AED techniques, first-aid, emergency oxygen administration, and blood borne pathogens, provided in three proven ways like online, on-site, and combined. Their updated, comprehensive emergency response and safety training courses follow the most up-to-date guidelines for CPR, AED, and first-aid training certification. They deliver over 100 years of combined experience in the health and safety training industry helping businesses, organizations, and families. The safety training institute offers cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED), first-aid, personal, and workstation safety training classes.

“We are recognized and accepted throughout North America providing PC or mobile access to all safety training courses. Providing same day certification and the 100% money back guarantee, our courses are fully-accredited and acclaimed to deliver the best results. Our safety training course is designed by healthcare professionals. Your safety training certificate is valid for two years. Our professional staff comprises of safety training instructors, first responders, medical professionals, and fully trained and highly educated safety centric executives. If you want to make a difference and save lives during emergency cardiac arrest situations, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started”, says a spokesperson for American Safety Training Institute.

About The Company –
American Safety Training Institute provides online safety training certification courses to improve your ability to save lives and use proven first aid techniques to someone in need. Their online safety training programs include step-by-step video demonstrations, easy-to-follow reading material, and detailed images that allow participants to learn the material in a way that maximizes your ability to retain the information discussed. They provide CPR, AED, first aid, emergency oxygen administration, and non-medical treatment for the convenience of blood borne pathogens. For more details, please browse the website at https://www.americansti.o ...

News Release: ASTI Offers Online CPR AED Certification Classes to Make a Difference
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