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Aroma Bravo Invites Coffee Lovers to Make Their Own Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is currently enjoying a boost in popularity especially among millennial coffee lovers for its refreshing taste. To meet the rising demand for this cold beverage, Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea has made sure that its roasted coffee products are also ideal for making cold brew coffee at home.

“Even though most of our customers usually brew our Honduras coffee beans for hot beverages, the growing interest in cold coffee drinks has certainly got our attention,” says a company official. “Some of our customers have actually begun using our beans to make their own cold brew coffee, and that has inspired us to promote our Honduras coffee for cold drinks as well.”

To check if the brand’s Honduras coffee beans are indeed ideal for making cool coffee drinks, the team members at Aroma Bravo tested them for a few weeks. They combined a pound of their own Medium Dark Roast coffee beans (coarsely ground) with two liters of filtered water in a glass pitcher. They covered the solution and steeped it for twelve hours. They repeated the same process for the brand’s two other roast levels, namely the Light Roast and French Roast.

After the steeping period, they strained the coffee grounds from the three pitchers twice, first through a mesh strainer and then through a paper filter. Finally, it was time to taste the homemade coffee concentrates.

“We took a sample from each of the concentrates and added a bit milk and cold water, and the resulting coffees were absolutely delicious! We’ve never tried our own coffee beans the cold way before, so it was such a revelation. My personal favorite was the medium dark roast cold brew but the other two roasts were quite refreshing as well. I can see the appeal for cold brew coffees now,” said the Aroma Bravo official.

The staff even made come ice coffee cubes from the concentrates so as not to dilute the drink. What they do is take a couple of coffee cubes, add just enough milk and water and then mix in the concentrate of their choice. This way, the flavor stays the same even when the ice coffee cubes melt.

“We definitely learned a lot from making our homemade cold brew coffee. There are lots of creative ways to indulge in coffee, from the traditional black coffee to the trendy cold iced coffee drinks. Whether you take it hot or cold, I think we can all agree that coffee is something that pleases the senses. So we invite all coffee lovers out there to try cold brews and other specialty coffee drinks as often as they can. Who knows, you might turn out to be a big cold brew coffee fan after all!” The Aroma Bravo official concluded.

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